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Sarong pareo

Sarong pareo

Sarongs are not only a piece of fabric, but are many things to many people. Throughout history the world has known the sarong by different names. These names include "Sarong" or pareo, sri, kanga, canga, surong, toga beachwrap. Furthermore, sarongs can also be used in many different ways. You can use them as a summer sexy skirt, quick bathing cover-up, shawl or scarf in winter, wall art or even beach blanket. But no matter what you call them or how you use them, sarongs are definitely a piece of clothing that you can not avoid in summer. All of our sarongs provided here are made of high quality rayon to give you the most comfortable sensation!

Size: 180x115 cm (67x 46 inches)
100% rayon, handmade in Indonesia

hand painting Floral Sarongs minimal order 500 pcs colors way,   Floral Sarongs print minimal order 1500 pcs per color,

Solid Color Sarongs minimal order 250 pcs per color, Animal Sarongs minimal order 1500 pcs 5 colors way,

Smoked Sarongs  minimal order 200 pcs per color,   Tie Dye Sarongs  minimal order 200 pcs per color, 

mandala Sarongs minimal order 1500 pcs 5 colors way,   Hand Painted minimal order 200 pcs 5 colors way,

Bali sarong hand stamped



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Called Raise of the Sun, this Tie Dye sarong has beautiful and vivid colors. Very fresh and new l..

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