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CV.Hasanahtex Sarongs all began in the year 1994.

CV.Hasanahtex Sarongs offers an exclusive line of sarongs, clothing, Kaftan, jewelry and much more. Our items are handmade by the peoples of Bali or Java in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia.

CV.Hasanahtex is fortunate to be the premier source and best website and  wholesale  in Bali - Java Indonesia for buying Sarongs and Garment.

CV.Hasanahtex has the largest collection of sarongs available online for purchase in the world. We currently have over 700 different styles of sarongs, Kaftan dan clothing,

Our goal is to be the best sarong company with great customer service, prices and quality while making a positive impact on people.

Our new fashions include Sundresses, Long Dresses, Kaftan, kaftan tops, Mini Dresses, Skirts, Sarong Skirts, Sarong Sets, Wrap Skirts, Long Skirts, Skirt Sets, Mini Skirts, Shirts,

As we add new items to our store we put them here for your convenience.
Please keep in mind everything we offer is created by hand and your items will be unique artistic creations.
“This is the only place I buy my sarongs ( pareos ), Clothing, accessories , Wood Mask, Painting Mask,
Musical Instrument Wholesalers and Retailers,  Djembe Drums, miniature Guitar,
and many more…check ask for the catalog

CV.Hasanahtex selection is really good, prices are low, and delivery is really, really fast


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